Self-Employment With or Without College

After high school, many young people assume that college is the only choice. They consider it a natural part of their future, even if they have no idea what career they will pursue.

The only exception in most instances is when a teenager or their parent(s) cannot afford college. It is at this point that a young person  can be quite anxious about which path to take.

My parents did not have a college education, and actually at the time, my going to college was discouraged. There was pressure to continue with the family business and help out family members. But I felt that I had to find another way.

My father owned many restaurants in our lifetime. Although my parents always provided for us, they had financial highs and lows, worked extremely hard for a living, and finances were unpredictable. My father had started a printing business but it was in its infancy, and although I we all worked to help with the new business, I wanted to carve out a different, more secure path, and the only way out that I saw at the time was college.

There was no money for college and my only option was the private college in town. Luckily, I absolutely loved it. I was easily accepted (not because of my grades!) because I lived in town and was willing to find a way to pay tuition. The bulk of my tuition was paid through student loans. I continued to take out student loans, year after year, and work my way through college to pay not only tuition, but other bills as well.

The only options that I knew of at the time were jobs that paid an hourly wage and student loans. Even if I opted for something other than college, such as self-employment, I had no idea how to go about it. Most forms of self-employment require some type of investment. I even tried to become an entrepreneur by selling my famous sugar cookies! I started out by selling them at a local bazaar. I made dozens and the number of hours required was not worth the profit I made, which was minimal. Opening a restaurant or another business would require investors, a building, equipment, and many other items, and I simply did not have the resources.

But times have changed. Now the opportunities are endless for people like you, dear reader. We now have the internet and we have all seen that people can make videos, post them on Youtube and if they have enough of a following, they can become successful and make a profession out of it. However even with Youtube, some equipment is required. My son mentioned that he wanted to give it a go and become a “Youtuber” but then he started rattling off all of the types of equipment he would need. More on that in a future post.

So what about you? What are the endless opportunities that are available to you? I tell you what I tell my children and those around me. I want you to have financial success. Everyone defines financial success differently. If success for you means that you can pay your bills, that’s fine. If it means paying for your college, having extra money to give to charity, then great! If it means being a millionaire, why not?

I share those dreams with you. I would like to be financially successful, too. So let’s work together to get there. I have joined Wealthy Affiliate. I can’t tell you how much I have learned by doing so. And it’s only been a couple weeks. The people in that community are wonderful, and so helpful, and my internet skills, including learning about marketing have just soared in this short period of time! I am about to sign on for a yearly membership, for now I see that I can do it! If I can do it, with the skills that I began with, then I am certain you can do it too.

In a future blog, I will show you how to build a website, even if you have zero experience. All you will need is a computer.

Live your day well, dear reader. Think of the good that you can do in this world. Let’s be great people – together.

Please feel free to leave comments and share your thoughts. I would love to hear from you!


  1. Caleb Choo

    Hi Sue, I can relate to your story. Have been job-hopping for the last 10 years. Glad you’ve found Wealthy Affiliate as I had. Probably you can do WA review and share your experience. All the best.

    1. Sue (Post author)

      Wow Caleb, ten years of the daily grind. Yes I plan on sharing my experience now that I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate. I wouldn’t have imagined that there could be so many opportunities and this is just the beginning of tapping into the information on the WA website! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  2. Norman Richards

    Hello and thanks for this great post I believe that no matter what wealthy affiliate can and is helping so much to have online success while being their own boss. Some of these people have never been to college but they are living the dreams through the training here at wealthy affiliate.

    1. Sue (Post author)

      Hi Norman,
      Thanks for your comment. How have you found it to be working for you? Have you been a member for long? Did you have any experience prior to joining? It would be nice to hear from someone who has been a member for some time. Thanks for your comment.


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